Making Room


No room in the inn for the Savior
Sadly they turned Him away
Send ‘em on out to the stable
Let Him be born with the sheep and the hay
No room for Jesus

No room in our worship for Jesus
Forsaking His will for a stage
Content to just go through the motions
Get through the list and we’ll call it a day
No room for Jesus
No room for Jesus

I have decided
I’m making room
I’m making room
Here in my heart O Lord
I’m making room
I’m making room
Come and dwell in me
Jesus never leave
I’m making room

The first thing I’ll do in the morning
The last thing I’ll do every night
Is build You a throne with my worship
I live for communion, no matter the price
There’s room for Jesus
Always room for Jesus

I delight, I delight in You
All that I want, is found in You


David Binion and Mitch Wong

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